Palliative Care

Locums4Care believes that palliative care is holistic medical and personal care designed for people with serious medical conditions, such as cancer or motor neurone disease, or complex problems with, for example, their heart, lungs or kidneys, etc. The aim of palliative care is to provide patients with relief from the pain and stress of a serious illness and improve their quality of life.

Locums4Care understands that it can be very distressing to see the impact a terminal illness can have on a loved one. Our experienced, fully trained carers are always here to help you and them.

Having palliative care at home means that your friend or family member can remain in the place that they feel comfortable with, surrounded by their memories, with the support of a compassionate and kind-hearted carer. Our care is not just about medical assistance – it is also about offering emotional support and companionship during a difficult time.

Locums4Care regularly works alongside District Nurses, Hospices & Support groups, and Continuing Healthcare teams, to make sure that your loved one can live in comfort and with dignity during their final months. Sadly, serious illness can strike at any age and unfortunately there are times when medical science cannot offer a cure. In these cases, nature has to take its course and the main focus of palliative care is to help the person reach the end of their life in comfort and with dignity.

Palliative Care in in your own home or a Hospice?
Although palliative care is provided by Hospices, hospitals and in nursing homes, most people would prefer to spend their final months of life in their own home. Palliative care with Locums4care enables its clients to have their wishes upheld and receive the best possible care they may need in familiar surroundings, with close family members in regular attendance. Our service embraces both personal care, emotional and spiritual support – for the family, as well as for the person being cared for.

Kind-hearted, Sensitive and Dedicated Support
Providing the right palliative care requires very particular qualities and training. Some people are aware their health is failing and simply want kind and gentle support to help them make the most of the time they have left. Others may be too ill to be fully aware of their surroundings and may need medication and sensitive attention to their personal needs to help ease their pain or distress. Whatever the circumstances, you can rely on our compassionate and kind-hearted carers to provide your loved one with patient and dedicated support.

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