About Us

Locums4Care Ltd is an organisation which was set up primarily to meet the Clinical Training needs of Nurses and Carers within the NHS and those working directly for Nursing Agencies in order to fulfill their Nursing & Midwifery Council revalidation requirements.

Most agency workers, rely upon themselves to ensure that they are up to date with all the training that is required of them. It is also up to them to update the Clinical Skills which they make use of on a daily basis in their working life. Locums4Care has therefore made this process as simple as possible for nursing practitioners. Our trainers take the time to direct and guide practitioners who are unsure of their next training step.

Why do We Accredit our Clinical Courses?
Locums4Care formulated Clinical Training courses which are Accredited by the CPD Standards Office. This ensures that nursing practitioners receive training that is up to date and relevant for their work activities. Locums4Care strongly believes that increased knowledge and up-to-date skills are what makes up an effective and efficient work team.

With continuous change taking place in the Healthcare sector at present, CPD Accredited Training Courses allow the practitioner to confidently deal with these changes. Employers have highlighted that staff members who undertake CPD Accredited Courses show a high standard of performance in the work place. They bring best practice to the work place due to the training received. Our trainers all hold post graduate teaching training and they are all from the health sector making them very aware of the issues faced within the sector by the training delegates.

What is Revalidation?
The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) has recently introduced Revalidation for all of their registrants. Revalidation is there to ensure that practitioners are fit to practice and therefore uphold public protection. As part of revalidation, the practitioner must undertake 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development, 20 of which must be in participation with other learners.

Locums4Care Training & Development is committed to assisting registrants to achieve their revalidation. Each certificate issued by Locums4Care is accompanied by a CPD Learning Tool which evidences the learning for that particular course and the number of CPD hours that are awarded for that specific CPD activity

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